Devil’s Canyon, Superior

by Real Haunts Team

A strange and mysterious landscape awaits walkers and hikers of the Devil’s Canyon loop near Superior, Arizona. Devil’s Canyon in the Tonto National Forest of Arizona is rich in wildlife, history and ghosts. Raising in the Pinal mountains northeast of the town of Superior and slicing through the high desert on its way south to join Mineral Creek and eventually the Gila River.

This scenic and unforgiving landscape may attract sightseers, climbers and hikers by the hundreds, but how many know about the hauntings of the canyon and the haunted Route 60 that passes through the canyon?

I asked one of my good friends to share their experiences of this very haunted area. There main experience concerns two close family members who had an unforgettable experience.

“My cousin told me a story of when he was young, they were on the road to Superior and they stopped in Devil’s Canyon. There was a police officer there making a report and my Uncle stopped by to see if he could be of some assistance to the police officer.

The officer told him that he had gotten a report of an accident in the area. The only thing that my Uncle thought was strange was that this police officer never showed his face and that his hat always covered his face. He also mentioned that his voice also sounded strange.

As he was talking to the officer, he heard a voice saying the accident is over here, but the officer didn’t seem to be worried about it.

When my Uncle turned in the direction of the voice a man was standing next to him telling him of the accident, but he was standing where there was no road.

My uncle jumped into his car, because nothing seemed right about the situation, and drove off in a hurry to the Town of Superior to report the accident. He was informed no police officer had reported an accident in the area. They took his report and he left town.

It was only after two weeks had gone by that my cousin finally asked my uncle why he did not want to talk about the incident. My Uncle noticed that the police car was a black and white car maybe from the 1940s or the early 1950s. The officer never showed his face, and his voice was not right. He never showed interest in the accident.

And that the man who he saw next to him had no legs and was hovering over a cliff. There was no way that there was room for him to be standing there it was a straight drop to the bottom of the creek.

I believe every word of what happened. My uncle was not the type of person to make up stories. He was the most honest man I ever have known.”

There are many stories of the Devil’s Canyon, are they legend or do they hint at something more sinister?

Ted Rico submitted this story, “I have had experiences at Devil’s Canyon. There is a figure that rides from Superior to Devil’s Canyon. This usually happens after midnight and that is why the miners try to get home before nightfall, because of that.

There are so many stories about Devils Canyon I have heard growing up. A lot of people in Superior will tell you about the shadowy figure that hangs out after midnight, and a lot of residents won’t go to the flats after midnight. Local bikers believe that the shadowy figure, or as some believe, the Devil will catch a ride on passing cyclists and travellers. Riding back and forth between the Canyon and Superior.

I have had this experience with the Diablo coming back from a long travel and coming through after midnight. He got into my car with me and rode in the vehicle trying to cause mischief, but you have to be strong. He will sit in the back seat though; the driver is the only one can see him in the rear-view mirror.

And there is the spirit that hangs out near an accident on the road. I heard is that a cop was hit by a truck while attending the accident. The cop still haunts where he died, and no one ever sees his face.”

The area has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times, the apache people and silver mining, interestingly the canyon was originally called, Gaan Canyon meaning ‘Spirit’ Canyon. I can’t think of a more perfect name for a very unnerving place.

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