The Mayo House Tarboro

by Real Haunts Team

A small town of just under 12,000 residents, Tarboro in North Carolina was established in 1760. In the September of 1760 150 acres of property were deeded to three captains in the search for wealth.

Buying the land for five shillings and a peppercorn the men built houses and streets that measured a maximum of 80 feet across. They then sold the houses for $2 dollars each.

Located along the Tar River, also known as the river of healing, Tarboro is home to the Rocky Mount-Wilson-Roanoke Rapids.

One of these houses was the home of the Mayo family. It is said that one night Mr Mayo became extremely angry. Possibly affected by a moment of insanity he went on to murder his entire family in a fit of rage. Legend says that even the dog met his fate in the house.

On waking from his red mist Mr Mayo could not believe what he had done. His whole family in front of him and a blood bath surrounding them, he simply could not handle the thought that he had caused such devastation. Placing a noose upon one of the rafters Mr Mayo allowed himself to hang until he was breathing no more.

The Haunting of Mayo House

There have been many reports of hauntings that continue to shake visitors to the house that the Mayo family resided in. Locals who have attempted to find out what is behind the doors of the property have come back with talks of the family still being there to greet you.

Recollections state that upon entering the garden you will be met by the family dog who will usher you up to the front door. The family is said to be waiting for you on the porch and kindly welcome you into the building.

On following the family into the house, the door immediately slams behind you, and the family has disappeared from sight. All that is left is the noose that Mr. Mayo used wrapped around your neck.

Is this just local folklore or is there a real historical basis to the hauntings?

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